Maxx Airborne and the Legends of Rucker Park


Maxx Airborne and the Legends of Rucker Park is a fictional picture book about a young boy who, though not picked to start in a basketball game, is challenged by his teammates to help them win against a very tough team. Maxx seeks inspiration at Harlem, New York’s Rucker Park, where he meets basketball legends who teach him incredible skills. He returns to face the mighty Bandits in a wild and crazy basketball game and leads his team forward with enthusiasm, motivation and teamwork. 

The story of Maxx Airborne develops with beautifully detailed images by distinguished illustrator Kimberly Bulcken Root (The Toll-Bridge Troll and Understood Betty). The remarkable illustrations in the book were created with pencil, ink and watercolor. Kim's past work has been in Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

The back cover has a section about the amazing Holcomb Rucker, after whom Rucker Park, in Harlem, New York City is named. In 1947, Holcomb Rucker, a local teacher and playground director, started a basketball tournament in Harlem, New York City to help keep underprivileged kids off the streets and encourage them to work towards college careers. The tournament was a success and many great basketball players grew up playing on Rucker Park's hallowed court, including Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Children everywhere have been inspired to be their best by the great players of Rucker Park. Maxx Airborne and the Legends of Rucker Park honors diversity, community involvement, and teamwork and is designed to be fun to read. If the book does well, my vision is to turn Maxx Airborne into a series of children's picture books and potentially an animated television series, centered on community, diversity, inspiration, fun, empathy, good morals and a sense of justice and compassion for all.

Maxx Airborne and the Legends of Rucker Park is a soft cover children's picture book that is 32 pages long (16 spreads), rhymes (845 words), includes a basketball glossary at the end and is meant for children 5-8 years old. The book cost $10 plus  tax and shipping charges.

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